Christmas Wishes

To all our friends and neighbours on the park, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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Sewerage Issues – Update

Tuesday Dec 24th.

United Utilities came on site around 10:00 am. They checked the pumps which are working, and the pre-pumping storage which was not backed up. They checked the drains beyond numbers 38 & 39 towards the pump and found no problems there.

They informed me that consequently, any problems local to the vicinity of our houses are for the site owner to sort out – because although U.U. have adopted the pump at the boundary of the site, the sewer pipes leading to the pump are still the site owner’s responsibility. The U.U. people were very polite and helpful – it is just that they are not allowed to work on the private drains.

Our toilets are flushing, and the water level in the bowl is better than yesterday, though still not normal. I intend to leave the problem alone now until Lisa returns after the holidays.

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Sewerage Problem

Hi, Peter here (39)..

Please be aware that we have a pending problem with the wastewater system on the site. So far, I only know for certain of one other neighbour having actually noticed symptoms which are:

  1. The level of water in the toilet bowl is lower than usual.
  2. When you flush, instead of simply flushing quickly away, the bowl fills up, and then slowly empties.
  3. After emptying, the water continues to be “sucked” down the drain – often accompanied by “glugging” sounds coming from (for example) a nearby sink plug hole.

These are all indicators of a blockage.

I called a plumber, who rodded our drain and some distance beyond the house, but could not clear what is an obvious blockage further along towards the pumping station. He then lifted a number of manhole covers in the vicinity, and found ALL of the wells blocked and slowly back-filling.

I have contacted United Utilities (0345 672 3723). A team have visited the pumping station and found no fault there. It is now assumed that there is a blockage somewhere in the main sewer between our houses and the pumping station.

The maximum priority that it is possible to give (known as “Imminent Flooding”) has been assigned – however, at this time of year the timescale associated such a job is either tomorrow (Monday) or the day after (Tuesday).

For reference with United Utilities, the Service Appointment number for this problem is:


Can I please ask everyone to contact their own neighbours who may not read Grapevine, and appraise them of the situation.

Tomorrow morning (Monday), I will contact the site owner (or Lisa if she is working) and ensure that they are aware. I believe that is all I can do for today.

I do not wish to cause anyone unnecessary concern. If anyone wants to speak to me directly, please do – on 07931 352 080.

Thank you,



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Pitch Fee Review

The Pitch Fee at Stud Farm Park changes on 1st January each year – so, in line with government regulations, it is important to check that any proposed increase based on the Retail Prices Index is not greater than the limit permitted under the regulations.

The RPI index value that must be used for a 1st of January increase is the RPI index for the previous October – which for 2019 was 2.1%.

The 2019 pitch fee was £149.98 per month.

The maximum allowed RPI-based increase of 2.1% would therefore be  £3.15 – making a new fee for 2020 of £153.13 per month.


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A recommend from Ann, to ladies & gents:

Hair @ The Loft

on Westgate Precinct.

Give Stephanie a try, she’s very good and a lovely person.

01524 421 553

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Cosy Tea Room

Recently opened in Slyne with Hest (Just off the A6), The Manor Tea Room serves delicious homemade food, scones and cakes.

We visited for lunch and were very impressed – a warm welcome, a real fire, and excellent service.

The tearoom is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Phone 07365 318172.

Although dogs are not allowed inside the tearoom, there is a heated courtyard.

Check out the menu and more here:

The Manor Tea Rooms website

The Manor Tea Rooms on Facebook


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Broadband Outage

A number of us have been suffering from loss of internet broadband service for a few days now. After many phone calls and messages, we finally have the facts, which explain why the service keeps dropping out and then coming back:

Siobhan Brook – CSC – CS Escalations

8:56am, Tuesday 19 Mar 2019


Just adding notes and will contact the customer soon, as inbound call agent just on a call.

This is incident IMT690333/19 were services have been restored and are on back up batteries until the local power company can attend the fibre cabinet to reconnect the mains power.

until the mains power is restored batteries will be changed daily, when batteries are change service will be lost until the cabinet repowers.

we are trying daily to get the power company to attend, after the storms at the weekend they are very busy, we will continue to chase them daily, i would suggest chasing in a couple of days if still open

Not good news, but at least now you know what has happened….



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Ferry Nab

The February “heat wave” presented an excellent opportunity to enjoy the shores of Lake Windermere. Here is a photo taken in the later afternoon, on a very pleasant stroll from Bowness to Ferry Nab.

If you don’t know the footpath that follows the shoreline passing Cockshott Point along to Parson Wyke, its here:

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Spring in February

Hope everyone is enjoying our strange February weather!

Ann and I walked through Lancaster Priory Churchyard and saw this:

Weird but wonderful…

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Happy New Year

To all at Stud Farm Park, here’s hoping that the New Year brings you everything you wish for.

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