Safe Trader – Painter/Decorator Sam Knowles

Having just had our house painted inside, we can recommend Sam Knowles for your painting and decorating needs. Sam and his dad John are really great hard-working people – and they keep you informed from the start of the job to the end.

Their work is top notch:

  • all areas properly sheeted and prepared
  • 2 coats emulsion
  • woodwork sanded, undercoat & topcoats
  • edges precisely finished
  • door handles etc removed & reinstated

TELEPHONE 01524 401788
MOBILE 07827 870292


The family run business is part of the Safe Trader scheme with Lancashire County Council.

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Refuse Collection

Your old bin collection calendar has run out! So don’t forget to go get a new one from the City Council. The link is here:

Refuse and Recycling Calendar 2018/2019


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Some animals appreciate the finer things in life. Like garden sculpture…..

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Plumbing & Roofing


For a fast and efficient service. Local family run business, established over 20 years.

Emergency 24 hour call out No:

07880 730 432

Office No:

01524 847 677

D.L. Hodgson.
19, Barnacre Close, Scotforth, Lancaster

“Some time ago, Darren helped us when our kitchen sprang a massive leak – even though it was late on a Sunday, the response was quick and efficient – great job! Just recently, he fixed our noisy bathroom plumbing – he knew straight away from our description what was wrong, came the same day and quickly fixed it. Again, thanks! ”
Ann, 39 Stud Farm.

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Winter Skies

I often reflect on how lucky we are to live here. The winter weather is producing some amazing skies at the moment. Like this one from a couple of days ago (photographed from  the entrance to our Park):

Heysham Sunset

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In with the New

Trusting that you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas, and wishing everyone all the very best for 2018 !

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October RPI

The October twelve-month RPI was published today. The Retail Price Index rose from 3.9 in September to 4.0 in October.

More information & links here: Pitch Fee Reviews.

Below is a graph of the historical RPI, courtesy of the Office for National Statistics.

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DIY Advice

Many thanks to Nick at No.23 for sharing this one !

“Never transport your own park home paint…”


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Don’t Do Drugs

Scafell Pike was in the news recently, when four people had to be rescued because they were so wasted that they couldn’t make it back down.

Story: Morecambe Visitor

What a waste of the police and rescue volunteer’s valuable time…

Mind you, this sort of thing has been going on for a very long time. I remember a story I was told as a kid; about some geezer who went up a mountain and was given a couple of tablets. He stayed up there so long the people had time to build a statue (which itself caused a bit of ruckus).  I mean, OK, so the guy had been abandoned as a child, and probably had a few issues as a consequence – but even so, it’s no excuse. Don’t do drugs!


Oh. I remembered the name of the guy in the story. “Moses”.



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Morecambe on Breakfast TV

On Friday 9th September the BBC’s “Breakfast” program contained a nice piece about Morecambe. If you didn’t see it, here’s a link – you have to sign in to use BBC iPlayer these days (grrrr….) but such is modern life! If you want to see this on iPlayer, be quick – the recording disappears tomorrow!

The main item covering Morecambe begins at  around location 02:55 on the video time slider. The old images used in the item are newly released footage from the BFI archives.


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