Pitch Fee Reviews

The pitch fee (i.e. the rent we pay to the site owner each month) goes up each year in line with inflation, as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI). So its useful to know what the index level is.

“When applying the RPI adjustment to a pitch fee review which is proposed to take effect on the review date, the figure that must be used in the calculation is the latest published 12 month RPI figure available before the notice of review is served. The notice must be served at least 28 clear days before the review date.” ([The Mobile Homes (Pitch Fees)(Prescribed Form)(England) Regulations] SI 2013/1505)

At Stud Farm, pitch fees are reviewed in early December. It is normally the case that November’s 12 month RPI is not yet published at that time, so the “latest published” RPI is the October index value.

  • October 2017 = 4.0 %
  • October 2016 = 2.0 %
  • October 2015 = 0.7 %
  • October 2014 = 2.3 %
  • October 2013 = 2.6 %

A more detailed set of data can be had from the Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS) website:  RPI & CPI

Detailed information about how Pitch Fee reviews happen can be had here: Pitch Fee Review Form.