More In Morecambe

More in Morecambe” was set up by The Morecambe Town Team in conjunction with Morecambe Town Council using funding from the Portas Pilot Project. This was a Government funded scheme to help regenerate high streets and bring more people into town centres.

I think it is a great site, and I hope it will help to promote the town and regenerate the area.

If you haven’t accessed it yet, please take a look and consider adding it to your bookmarks: “More in Morecambe


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Heysham Gardens & Driveways

bus-card-photo-01.pngWe want to thank Dave Howard & Lee Mackintosh of Heysham Gardens & Driveways for creating our newly refurbished patio/deck.

Their knowledge & craftsmanship is very impressive, and their attention to the small details makes all the difference.

We would thoroughly recommend Dave & Lee for your driveway, patio, fencing or other landscaping/repair jobs.

card-snapshotThey were also pleased with the end result – so much so that they asked if they could use this photo on their business card!

Peter & Ann.

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How Things Have Changed

Just out of curiosity I went looking for old maps of where we live. I found this lovely map from 1850 ( Licence (CC BY-SA 4.0) by: GBHGIS/UoP )

Bare and Heysham exist, but what would become Morecambe was then called “Poulton by the Sands”.

So, here’s a silly little game: Can you pinpoint on this map the location that would (150 years later) become your home ? (You can click on the map to make it bigger).

Spoiler Alert ! Don’t scroll down until you want to see the answer !


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Baking For Idiots

From Peter:

I am rubbish at cooking, baking etc. – anything that involves kitchens. Imagine the person least likely to win a bake-off. Imagine someone who wouldn’t recognise a bain-marie if one jumped up and bit him on the behind. That’s me.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out yesterday that there is a really easy way to “cheat” !

From ALDI at Carnforth – Baking For Idiots !

  • Switch oven on.
  • Open plastic bag with stuff inside.
  • Pour milk into bag.
  • Reseal bag.
  • Scrunch it around a bit.
  • Open again.
  • Pour mixture into provided foil tray.
  • Put in oven.
  • Do something sensible for 40 minutes.
  • Take out bread!

You can smell the result in this picture:

And it tastes great too !



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Tip – Park Home Insurance

Thanks to Dave for reminding everyone about this tip:

You can save money by shopping around for insurance for your park home. You should never just accept the renewal quote from your current insurers. Dave saved around £80 by switching! This year Dave got a good deal from Coast Insurance.

Just as with car insurers, the park home insurers are getting competitive these days, and offering good value if you switch. So if your premiums seem to going up, then you really should be challenging that, and checking various suppliers.

Here are a few to try:

Paul Baker   Castle   Coast Insurance   Shield   Towergate

And there is even a comparison website now: Quotezone

Of course, we are not recommending or endorsing any of these in particular – you must make your own decisions – but don’t be tricked into paying more than you need to!


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For Sale – Heater

Wall mounted convector fire –  as new – £50.

Contact Ray at No 18.

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Silver Linings



There is a cause for a little celebration at the eastern end of the Park this week!

June & Neville have been kindly fostering “Patch” the guide dog, following the death of his master Norman Seed earlier this year.

We are happy to report that after discussions, and assessments by Guide Dogs UK, it has now been agreed that after 8 years of working, Patch may retire and continue to live with June & Neville on the Park.

Patch has been a respected canine member of our community for a long time now, so it is wonderful to hear that he can live out his retirement years here on the Park, where he is known and loved.

A silver lining indeed!


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Window Cleaning

cleanerWindows cleaned, soffits, fascias, gutters and frames washed down.

Call Vernon on 01524 420 184

or mobile 07950  581 491

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Website News – Classifieds Section

A new set of categories have been added: “For Sale” / “Wanted” / “Traders”.

So let us know if you want to post a “Classified Ad”. Just send your Ad (+photo) to:

Especially useful to new occupiers would be details of local traders that you can recommend to other residents.


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Help with Selling

Recent events prompted me to think about the process of selling a home on the Park. Having read a little about it, I am aware that it is quite complicated, and more than a little daunting, so I thought that this website could at least offer some help.

So I gave myself the challenge of writing some guidance. I have based it on a Government Fact Sheet, and added my “take” on it to the reference library here : Help with Selling a Home on Stud Farm Park.

The new page provides links to relevant Fact Sheets, and the printable versions of the various forms that seller and buyer must complete at various stages. I am certainly not an expert, so if you see anything that is obviously  incorrect, please comment and I will fix it.

A “Help with Buying Guide” may follow?  Hopefully – over time – we can gradually improve these pages and create a valuable information resource for residents. (Peter)


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