Tip – Park Home Insurance

Thanks to Dave for reminding everyone about this tip:

You can save money by shopping around for insurance for your park home. You should never just accept the renewal quote from your current insurers. Dave saved around £80 by switching! This year Dave got a good deal from Coast Insurance.

Just as with car insurers, the park home insurers are getting competitive these days, and offering good value if you switch. So if your premiums seem to going up, then you really should be challenging that, and checking various suppliers.

Here are a few to try:

Paul Baker   Castle   Coast Insurance   Shield   Towergate

And there is even a comparison website now: Quotezone

Of course, we are not recommending or endorsing any of these in particular – you must make your own decisions – but don’t be tricked into paying more than you need to!


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One Response to Tip – Park Home Insurance

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks for that saved enough for a good meal out


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