Silver Linings



There is a cause for a little celebration at the eastern end of the Park this week!

June & Neville have been kindly fostering “Patch” the guide dog, following the death of his master Norman Seed earlier this year.

We are happy to report that after discussions, and assessments by Guide Dogs UK, it has now been agreed that after 8 years of working, Patch may retire and continue to live with June & Neville on the Park.

Patch has been a respected canine member of our community for a long time now, so it is wonderful to hear that he can live out his retirement years here on the Park, where he is known and loved.

A silver lining indeed!


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2 Responses to Silver Linings

  1. June says:

    Thanks Peter and Ann for those kind words… I am sure Norman would be pleased and grateful that his best friend and companion, is amongst all his friends and will continue to be loved by all who know him.. X
    He know the sounds of the food cupboards… And enjoys sitting in the kitchen while I am baking away.. He settling in well… X
    He also Looks good full length of the sofa..When on sleeping duty…!!!
    Neville and I are just so pleased to be able to offer him a loving home..
    We are honored as good friends of Norman and his Family. And the Guide Dogs.


  2. Carole says:

    A fabulous picture of Patch dad would have loved it and yes great news xx


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