Help with Selling

Recent events prompted me to think about the process of selling a home on the Park. Having read a little about it, I am aware that it is quite complicated, and more than a little daunting, so I thought that this website could at least offer some help.

So I gave myself the challenge of writing some guidance. I have based it on a Government Fact Sheet, and added my “take” on it to the reference library here : Help with Selling a Home on Stud Farm Park.

The new page provides links to relevant Fact Sheets, and the printable versions of the various forms that seller and buyer must complete at various stages. I am certainly not an expert, so if you see anything that is obviously  incorrect, please comment and I will fix it.

A “Help with Buying Guide” may follow?  Hopefully – over time – we can gradually improve these pages and create a valuable information resource for residents. (Peter)


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4 Responses to Help with Selling

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks for that Peter


  2. Lisa Spurr says:

    Great Idea Peter


  3. Carole says:

    Thankyou Peter for all the help and information regarding selling your property. Have printed off the forms and made a start. So useful to have all that information in one place


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