Extraordinary Bed & Breakfast


Thornley House

We have just returned from a short stay at Thornley House B&B in Allendale, near Hexham in Northumberland.

If you are not mad about cats, then this is definitely not a place for you; but if – like us – you really enjoy relaxing on a big sofa in front of a warm fire on a cold winter night, with a book and a cat or two for company, then it is 7th heaven.



Thornley is a large country house with a big garden, fields and woods – plenty of room for the eight cats who live there.

Of particular note are the Maine Coons – the largest breed of domestic cat that one can own in the UK without strict regulation.



We were especially happy to visit, given that the B&B had to close recently for a short while owing to a period of ill-health. We were delighted to find the owner Eileen in robust form once again!

Of course, as a guest in their home, you appreciate that if you do not close your bedroom door at night, then you will inevitably have feline company at some point…

If you visit the Thornley House website, then you just might recognise Eileen from her appearance in Series 2 of the Channel 4 reality TV show “Four In A Bed” !

(Ann & Peter)

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One Response to Extraordinary Bed & Breakfast

  1. jackie Waring says:

    sounds right up your street and that area is lovely as well.


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