It Has Never Been Easier…

…to get published!


We have our own email address:

So now it’s really easy to send stuff in to Grapevine! We want:

  • amusing photos of your dog / cat / hamster /goldfish …
  • the epic poem you wrote when you were 17 years old
  • reminiscences on working as a child in the cotton mill
  • that short story you never got around to getting published
  • anecdotes about your interesting stamp collection
  • a link to the song you recorded with your folk-rock band in the 1960’s
  • the diary from your train journey across Siberia.
  • etc..
  • etc..

So don’t be shy – get emailing!

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One Response to It Has Never Been Easier…

  1. Jackie says:

    Oh come on look kfor ng forward to these and I will have a root around in my brain


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