Kim’s Cake

After the inevitable excesses of the festive period, how about a delicious cake that is not loaded with stuff that’s “bad for you” ?

Thanks to Ann for this (originally from the Rosemary Conley recipe book):

In a bowl, soak overnight 1 lb (400g) of dried fruit in 1 mug of hot black tea. (Fruit teas work well too. Can exchange some of the fruit for cherries for an alternative.)

Next day. Mix together in the tea/fruit bowl:

  • 1 mug soft brown sugar
  • 2 mugs self-raising flour
  • 1 beaten egg

Transfer to loaf tin or round cake tin.

Bake on 160 deg C / 325 deg F or gas mark 3 for 2 hours.

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One Response to Kim’s Cake

  1. jackie Waring says:

    That seems easy enough I will just eat all this chocolate up first.


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