IMPORTANT! Please read this: Water Supply & Sewers

You may have very recently received a letter addressed “To The Homeowner” from United Utilities.

This scary letter is an attempt to persuade you to buy plumbing and drainage insurance. The text of the letter includes “Did you know that if you’re the homeowner you’re responsible for your home’s plumbing and drainage systems and also for the repair and maintenance of the water supply pipe, from the street boundary up to where it enters your home?

Please do not be worried about what the letter says, it is not true for park home residents. The services from the street to your pitch are not your responsibility.

You are a resident of the park, and responsibilities for services are clearly identified in your Written Agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983. Under section 4c of the Site Owner’s undertakings, the Site Owner (i.e. Mr. Robb) undertakes to “at all times during the currency of the agreement to use his best endeavours to provide and maintain the facilities and services available to the pitch….” The full text of this is in your Agreement, and you should read it if you are worried about any of this, and certainly read it before parting with any money to United Utilities.

Of course, whether or not you want to buy plumbing insurance for your home/pitch is entirely up to you, but please do not be misled by United Utilities into believing that you are in any way (shared or otherwise) responsible for the services between your pitch and Oxcliffe Road/Westcliffe Drive. That is not true, so don’t worry about it.

Hopefully, most residents just binned the letter anyway!

All the best, Peter.






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2 Responses to IMPORTANT! Please read this: Water Supply & Sewers

  1. june hulton says:

    Thanks Peter… But good for everyone to be made aware..!!!

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  2. Jackie says:

    I binned it but can understand why people may think that they need this. A lot of companies are naughty in this respect. Thanks for the clarification Peter.


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